Bubble Tea.
Brewed in Binghamton.

Meticulously crafted teas from honest ingredients, not powders

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Brewed fresh at the Broome County Regional Farmers Market

PRemium Teas

Bubble Tea

Offerings include rich and creamy milk teas as well as dairy free fruit bubble teas in exotic flavors including dragonfruit, passionfruit, and mango (our customer favorite). Our drinks are the result of five months of development, and we take pride in crafting our drinks with honest ingredients.

Starting at $3.99.



Pair any drink with our delicious toppings such as our sweet and chewy Boba pearls, or our fruity and gelatinous lychee jelly. Or go without, and enjoy a sweet flavored tea!

Starting at $0.50

Aenean Consectetur Porta

Hot & Iced Teas

Offering hot and iced teas. Enjoy a earthy and smooth green tea, or shake it up with some ice and sweet flavorings. The possibilities are endless!

Starting at $1.00.

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Enjoy an acclaimed cup at the Broome County Regional Farmers Market, open from 9am-1pm Saturdays

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I had the chance to get a cup of bubble tea from this place and I was not disappointed. I come from an Asian background and this milk tea was the closest to finding a truly authentic milk tea. Super creamy and the real tea flavor comes through. Not many places can get the real tea flavor and this place does it super well. The owner is super friendly and definitely made me want to come back for another. I would highly recommend this to anyone in the Binghamton area.

Joshua Home

New York Times

The owner is super friendly. I've had many Lychee green teas from different places from Binghamton and NYC and I would say that the green tea here is on par with some of the best in NYC and definitely the best in Binghamton.

Michael L.


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